Tuesday, November 15, 2011

American Girl theme days

OK my single friends, please stop with the face. We people with smaller people have to make the best of their obsessions.

When Keely first started getting into the American Girl books, I decided it was a fun way for her to get a hands-on history lesson. After reading each collection, we would devote a day to the character, doing what they would have done, eating what they would have eaten. Keely even took it upon herself to dress the part. I decided it was too much work not to document for someone else to use too.

Kaya – 1760s
Meals: Dried fruit and nuts; salmon, beans, wild rice and corn cakes; beef jerky (we were fresh out of elk and bison)
Activities: Made a dreamweaver, built a tepee and told stories around our “fire” before bed

Felicity Merriman – 1770s
Meals: Fried ham with gravy, dressed eggs and Johnny cakes; cornish game hen, sweet potatoes and green beans; Homemade apple butter, bread and tea
Activities: Held a colonial tea party, sewed a sampler, learned some colonial dances, and made apple butter and a homemade bread loaf

Josefina Montoya –1820s
Meals: Bizcochitos and cinnamon hot chocolate; tamales and tortilla soup; pork carne asada, corn salsa and sopapillas
Activities: Made a corn husk doll

Kirsten Larson – 1850s
Meals: Sausage and fried potatoes; vegetable soup and apple pie; trout, baked beans, buttered bread and maple candy
Activities: Made maple candy and dipped wax candles; churned butter

Addy Walker – 1860s
Meals: Bacon and buttermilk biscuits with honey; Beans, cornbread and pickles; Homemade ice cream; Ham, sweet potatoes and peach cobbler
Activities: Made homemade ice cream, played cup and ball

Samantha Parkington – 1900’s:
Meals: Strawberries with cream, ham slice and cheese omelet; Chicken salad sandwiches, lemon ice; Cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches and tea; Roasted beef tenderloin, green beans and cream of carrot soup
Activities: Etiquette class, played checkers, put together a vaudeville show

Kit Kittredge – 1930s:
Meals: Oatmeal with peaches, club sandwiches and milkshakes, baked macaroni and cheese and glazed carrots
Activities: Listened to Orphan Annie and War of the Worlds radio broadcasts
Watched Shirley Temple’s Little Princess and a news reel on Amelia Earhart

Molly McIntire – 1940s:
Meals: Toad in a hole; meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas and coffee cake.
Activities: Planted a victory garden and played jacks

Julie Albright –1970s
Meals: Granola and a smoothie; hotdogs and fruit salad; fondue; sloppy joes and broccoli casserole.
Activities: Wove friendship bracelets, played twister, went rollerskating

Keely as Felicity

And as Kaya

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