Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nothing without Providence: Colorado vacation

So a couple of weeks ago, my sister, brother-in-law and I drove up to Colorado to meet up with the girls (already on vacation at their dad's house there). We spent a long weekend jam-packed with Colorado-y activities. First we went to the Flying W ranch where we explored Old West and Native American villages, hiked up a big hill, rode in a mini mining cart and then sat down to a cowboy dinner, complete with tin cups. The next day we hit up some mild white water rafting, went panning for gold and did some cave exploring. And because Keely is fascinated by all things prehistoric, Sunday we went to a dino museum that we kept passing (apparently Colorado is a hotbed for dinosaur excavation). And not without note, after dropping the girls off, the three of us adults hit up a dive-y Mexican restaurant on the way home that was some of the best I've ever had.
I couldn't resist the cowgirl gear for the ranch. I mean, come on.
Thrown into cowboy jail at Flying W Ranch
Face-painting at a Native American cultural education demonstration
Amia was falling asleep in the chair while getting her face painted. Thankfully she caught her second wind.
Rafting was the winning activity of the trip. Both girls said next time they want to take on some rougher waters.
Panning for gold with Aunt Mandi

In the caves. It was so dark, the girls couldn't keep their eyes open for any of the flashes. This was our third try.
At the dino museum. Amia's still in mining mode.

The mascot of our trip was this mule deer who probably would have let us pet it if we had tried to.

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