Friday, September 9, 2011

Kids' Spa Day

Being girls, sometimes we need a bit o’ pampering ourselves. Here’s our to do list of a successful kids’ spa day.
1.     Turn on some spa jams and set out towels and bowls.
2.     Get dressed in play clothes--it can get messy. You could do robes for the full experience, or for spa parties.
3.     Make treatments
a.     Facials: We use what we have in the house, usually avocado, banana or mango mixed with yogurt or honey
b.     Scrubs: Brown sugar or raw oatmeal mixed with olive oil.
4.     Put on our face masks and scrub our hands and feet.
5.     Fill the soaking bowls with warm water and either powdered milk or peppermint soak. Add a few marbles to the bottom for an easy massage.
6.     Relax and soak for 6-10 minutes with cucumber eye masks.
7.     Take off masks and clean up the areas. (I’ve found this is an important time to do this, as otherwise the girls’ will be far too concerned about messing up their nails to help clean up.)
8.     Paint nails and add decals.
9.     Do something girly after, like have a little tea party.

We did a spa as part of Keely’s hotel-themed birthday last year, so after the girls came and sat in the “lobby,” we whisked them away to do these treatments. Afterwards they got their hair and makeup done and dressed up in costumes and my old dresses for an elegant dinner.
We love us a fancy menu. Chicken tenders and fries? Nope, panko-crusted chicken fillets accompanied by pomme frites and fresh seasonal fruit.

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