Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Kitchen

Downsizing from a separate dining room to eat-in kitchen - this room is now full service. The good news is that we now eat more meals at the table. The dining room never seemed a casual enough spot for just us. The table was a craigslist find that I stained to match my chairs.
Apron Nook
I'm toying with the idea of using appliance paint to update the fridge and stove.
Message board and spices
I adhered Velcro to my pantry door to hang my meal list and calendar so I would still be able to take them down without putting in nail holes.
Love my hanging mugs and above-sink shelf space for my herb garden.
This metal mirror is monstrously heavy--I found it at a garage sale a few years ago. But it's the perfect spot to put my keys and sunglasses so I never misplace them again.
Papered shelves are so much prettier.

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